Rapid Transformational Therapy

RTT is a form of hypnotherapy that has proven extremely successful.
During a session I will put you into a relaxed state and together we will change old, limiting beliefs that are holding you back.
Change your mind, change your life!
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Jamie Lynn

Call me today. Let’s create the life you want to live. I’m dedicated to help you get everything you want. It’s fun and easy with Hypnosis.
Get ready to be your best. I can’t wait to help you!


Achieve More Confidence

Work with me to find your inner strength.
Create abundance, live your
amazing life.

Quit Hurtful Habits

Release from anything holding you back.
Breathe with ease. Get rid of the mess. Have delicious kisses. Take control of your life.

Be Your Ideal Shape and Size

Look and feel terrific.
Have all day energy.
Love your clothes again.

Google Testimonials

“A great find”

“… I’ve been feeling the effects of her work in a positive, quick, effective manner… “


“Fabulous therapy”

“Jamie was gracious, it was personalized to assist me… I can’t thank her enough. “

S. S.

“Successful experience”

“I quit smoking after ONE session. Thank you thank you thank you! “

D. O.


“… Major positive changes, lost 15 pounds and I feel like a new person!…. “

K. S.

Additional services

Jamie can also help you confront other issues such as addictions, anxiety, stress, fears, phobias, panic attacks, guilt, relaxation, eating issues, weight issues, depression, confidence, self-esteem, motivation, achieving goals, procrastination, career issues, interview skills, nerves, public speaking, concentration, exams, memory, driving skills, relationships, working with children, fertility, sexual issues, pain control, hearing, sight/vision, mobility, skin conditions, hair growth, insomnia, and more.

Are you ready to feel terrific now? I’ll show you how.

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